board with 16 LEDs for beginners

BOARD with 16 LEDs for beginners >>> DOWNLOAD LINK HERE >> board with 16 LEDs for beginners <<< >>>PRICE = 50 $ via PAY PAL. COMPLETE WORKING PROJECT FOR MICROCHIP PIC MICROCONTROLLER PIC18F26K22. Can be used directly in real hardware PCB project. ALL FILES AND GERBER OUT FILES INCLUDED for PCB producing. Software also is inside in RAR file. Can change whatever yo want. DEVELOP WITH MPL AB IDE last version, XC8 last version. Simulation in Proteus 8.12 sp0, for older version, draw a same schematic design.

Description of development board for beginners in programming = price 50 USD with delivery = over 4 discounts

The board is a processor controller that controls with preset programs 16 LEDs connected to digital outputs of the processor.

Available on the board are 4 trimmer potentiometers, to gain knowledge on how to program an analog input to convert information from an analog signal to a digital value.

The different modes of the board can be changed with the 5 buttons connected to the digital inputs of the processor.

Different types of effects are programmed in the processor's demo software, and the effects can be changed with the first button / from left to right /.

Description of the operation of the buttons and operating modes
Button 1 changes the effects of the LEDs.
Button 2 sets the effect to change automatically or manually.
Button 3 shows the values ​​of the trimmer potentiometers. Pressing the button for the first time will show the value of the first trimmer. Second press the second and so on until the last trimmer.
Button 4 is a pre-programmed effect that can be activated by pressing the button.
Button 5 shows a pre-programmed effect, the effect being active only while the button is pressed.
Trimmer 4 can adjust the speed of the effect, for this you need to hold the button and adjust the speed of the effect.